How The Sky Finds Us

by Anthony Anaxagorou & Karim Kamar

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A poem written by Anthony Anaxagorou with music by Karim Kamar. The piece deals with the unlawful killings of black citizens by the civil authorities in both the U.S and the U.K while also highlighting the protracted refugee crisis along with the increase in racism and xenophobia. - All proceeds raised will go towards aiding refugees currently situated in Calais


How The Sky Finds Us

I ask

if I could fit my entire past
into your ears

would there be enough space in your blood
to handle what they did to me?

Is your heart ready, now?

Two lovers bounce a kiss
off the space between their lips

​the future is a worn out

a fatigued pigeon pushes the broken
edge of sky, newspaper-grey
dribbles down another hour

stabbing in fight of lost
ground, hooded youth
worn by locust and wasp

alive to be bullet-shot dead
black gun white fist, silver badge
of fire and force, skin the colour of wrong

​grave yards become bedrooms
where the young
lay their heads down to dream

in open spirit the prison of earth
melts into stars, the sweet and unloved
hang like lavalieres around the neck
of a tree older than thought

we could list them all like door numbers
we could list them all like genocide
but we won’t, instead we will march
them straight into heaven

Trayvon, Eric, John, Michael, Tanisha,
Tamir, Mark, Sandra, Stephen and Smiley.

There is no grave like the ocean

​paper mouths try to close
off the leak, quick breathe back
the drowning, pray away
the flood

pencil boats snap like rage
into shattered fractions,
a thousand lives break from
within it

lives so giant and small
finding the end of the sea
and the top of a headline
with eyes still fixed on God.

​Council estate manor drawn to
rusted meat licking the fat of teeth
lager hands hammer-beaten
by government cut-throat Tory
blue razors

tribal hate-march the scum and slag
Union Jacks bursting open the air
like death hounding the royal sails
of weddings and births

blame the white collar of canard and fib
old boy body-snatchers remain plenty

Obama death, Cameron death,
Bush death, Blair death

​the dying of life and survival of death,
sand-graves fresh with innocence,
explosions at the door, in the garden,
by the sink and in the heart

home is a body you bury
home is a name you choke on

Arafat, Jamal, Samira, Mohammed,
Mahmoud, Zeinab, Ahmed and Suheir.

They kill all the flowers at once -
all that beauty, all that brilliance
all that gone.

​Two lovers bounce a kiss
off the space between their lips

the future waits
as an unreported oil spill
war perverts the lights

they did it to her on a Sunday in the brightness of her summer dress,
hand to mouth, year to year
only her suicide knew

a boat rocks still against the blue
a flame waves warm under a spoon

there’s a solitary eagle cruising its altitude
like a guard

two lovers now contain rain
and the sky stays cluttered with Gods.


released August 18, 2016
Poetry - Anthony Anaxagorou
Music - Karim Kamar



all rights reserved


Anthony Anaxagorou & Karim Kamar London, UK

Anthony Anaxagorou is an acclaimed poet, writer and educator.

Karim Kamar is a contemporary classical pianist and composer from London

Together they run a monthly live music night called 'Out-­Spoken', which showcases poetry readings and new music.
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